How often do we invest in our personal development?

A journey begins with a single step

It took Erica Lainé, successful author of the historical fiction series, Isabella of Angoulême, seven years to write her first two books.  I recently attended a talk she was giving, which provided an intriguing image of this area of France at the beginning of the 13th century.  

A member of the audience asked Erica how long it had taken from starting her research to having the first part of the series published.  “I have been researching this area of France for many years, so I already had the idea for a story based on Isabella’s life,” she said. “But converting that research into a book all started seven years ago, when I attended a writer’s workshop.”

Talking to Erica afterwards, she said that the writing workshop had provided her with the techniques and the confidence to start writing Isabella’s story.  She is now about to publish the third and final part of the series and said that the writer’s workshop was the best investment she had made.

It was an interesting chat with Erica, and really had me thinking on the drive home: how often do we invest in our personal development? How comfortable do we feel doing that?  

If we really want to achieve our dreams and goals we set ourselves, then taking that initial step: investing in ourselves: believing we are important enough to spend our own money on, surely has to be the way forward.  And if your dream is to write, then what could be more perfect than attending a writer’s workshop?


Sarah Tyley is one of your hosts at L’atelier des ecrivains – The Writers’ Workshop, France:  designed to motivate writers and help them on their new creative journey, so they can create brilliant work. It runs from 20-24 September 2018 in southwest France