The challenge and motivation of learning curves

i can, i will, watch me

This time last year, I had no involvement in any website.  Now, I have my personal author website, and I am co-contributor for this one.  These have both been born out of the fact that I finally finished re-writing my novel and published it in March 2018.  

I hadn’t realised all the social media activity that goes along with publishing a book or co-hosting a creative-writing workshop, and I know I’m free to do as little or as much as I please, but to me, I have set out on a new creative path, and I need to honour that. So I’m making, as far as I’m concerned, a lot of effort on the social media highway.  It’s all relative, isn’t it?

I mean, this is what I’m up against: the ‘back-end’ is something I would probably write into dialogue in a romantic short-story: ‘meta-data’ was a term I think I heard mentioned once on Star Trek: a ‘roadmap’ was printed paper I used to hold in my hand to figure out where I was going.  How is a person supposed to cope with all this new terminology, if we are to succeed on our new path? One of the ways is knowing that I am not alone.

And how do I keep myself motivated to carry on learning and applying my new-found knowledge?  I remind myself that I am out there, doing it: albeit in my own way. No-one will ever be able to say that I didn’t give it a go. You may be feeling the same with regards to that book you’ve always wanted to write: it can feel overwhelming at times.  So I say, let’s embrace the challenge of setting out on our new learning curve, and see where our journey takes us.


L’atelier des ecrivains – The Writers’ Workshop, France:  designed to motivate writers and help them on their new creative journey, so they can create brilliant work. It runs from 20-24 September 2018 in southwest France.