Plane, train, office, café? Where do you write?

“When I am up here I see only the paper I am writing on, and my mind is far away with
Willy Wonka or James or Mr Fox or Danny or whatever else I am trying to cook up.
The room itself is of no consequence. It is out of focus, a place for dreaming and floating
and whistling in the wind, as soft and silent and murky as a womb…”
Roald Dahl, 'Roald Dahl: From the Inside Out - the Author Speaks'

Roald Dahl famously wrote in his ‘writing hut’ at the end of the garden. 

Agatha Christie said she never really had a place or room that was specifically to write in. All she needed was a steady table and a typewriter, quite often just the dining room table. 

Our Sarah Tyley penned her first novel, Spaghetti Head, from her garden caravan. 

What about you? Where do you like to write? Are you one of the lucky people who can get ‘in the zone’ and write from anywhere, be it busy cafés, noisy bars or cramped buses (which just so happens to be where this blog was penned)? 

Or do you need peace and quiet? Maybe you like to hide away in a quiet corner of your house and immerse yourself in the world about which you write?  

We think we've got most preferences covered in our venue for L’atelier des écrivains – The Writers’ Workshop. This stunning country manor house, situated on the edge of the historic village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne, in southwest France, dates back to the 18th century and has everything a writer could need for a productive weekend.

For instance, if you want to find a quiet space to write without interruption, the house and extensive grounds offer all manner of nooks and crannies that are perfect for hiding away in. 

Whereas if you feel you would benefit from the opportunity to discuss your work with fellow writers, you can hangout in one of the communal spaces, such as the library, dining room or kitchen.  

Alternatively, you can head into the countryside or the nearby village of Aubeterre-sur-Dronne and take inspiration from the beautiful surroundings, charming buildings and ancient monuments.

As for where you will find us, we’ll be on hand all weekend to share our expertise, answer any questions and help you make the most of this superb opportunity to hone your craft. 


Hone your creative skills on an immersive writing retreat in beautiful Aquitaine. Set against the backdrop of one of France’s prettiest villages, L’atelier des écrivains - The Writers’ Workshop, France focus on the practical skills and techniques needed to support all types of fiction and creative writing. Book your place today.